Information Leads The Way To Publish Academy Article Marketing Success

You may not think of newspapers when you read the words “article marketing”. Yet, that’s where it all began. The Internet is good at taking an old concept and re-inventing, rejuvenating, and re-injecting it with profitability for this years-old electronic platform. Article marketing is one way to both build your bottom line while building your Publish Academy brand’s credibility.

Copying Is The Most Profitable Flattery
You know how the old saying goes about when someone copies your idea it is the best flattery. It is similar with online plagiarism. If your brand is mentioned in that copy, then it is free advertising, spreading like wildfire all over the Internet.

That said, do submit your blogs and reviews to directory sites to boost your ranking online. Be wise about it and choose just one directory site rather than multiples. Otherwise, it lowers your ranking. This is also something to keep in mind if you have too many “copies” of your content floating around on the Internet.

Making Best Friends Of Enemies Boosts The Bottom Line
It sounds crazy, but becoming friends, followers, and linking back to the articles that stole your content become more profitable than suing the pants off of the sticky-fingered writer. It also casts your company in a more favorable light. Face it, suing your competitor, while justifiable, makes a very negative name for your company in your customers’ eyes.

Continue writing often about relevant topics to keep your sites evergreen, which boosts the likelihood of search engine hits to your anik singal sites. If you have great integrity, and a following who trust your opinions, make money off of it. In return, continue writing product reviews, comparisons, and inject with your own personality. (more…)